Management Strategies

By Todd Anderson President, MPGMA

Evaluating Customer Access Policies

     As the golf industry remains flat, it may be worthwhile to reevaluate your reservation/access policies. Quite often, the customer (Member/Patron) paying the lowest green fee has the earliest access (7 days out) for reservations. One way to increase your revenues and gain new customers is to set aside some times for Non-Members/Patrons to access during peak times at 5 days out. In addition to gaining more revenue through the higher greens fees, there is generally potential for more ancillary revenue. Obviously, you do not want to make your regulars feel unappreciated or diminish the value of a Membership or Patron Card, but allowing some access for "non regulars" is good for business. The selected Peak times would be available to Patrons if not used by non patrons (at 5days). The new customer that is exposed to your course because of having access during a peak time may return and play during periods that are less busy.

     Everyone's lives seem to be getting busier, and it appears that many golfers need to plan further in advance. We have extended our reservation policies out further several times (including this year). The potential downside of this is increased "no shows" if the customer decides to play elsewhere or forgets about the tee time.

     We at Braemar G.C. have not seen an increase in "no shows" with our changes in access policies. We are also offering leagues for "Non-Patrons" for the first time this year to fill our off-peak times. We are making some additional policy changes for the upcoming season to be more "customer friendly". A key to success is constantly reexamining your business and not resting on "that's the way we have always done it".

This is the fourth in a series of advanced management strategies written by Todd Anderson, Braemar G.C..